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Our history

The "Borisfen-S" studio was founded in 1990 by producer Victor Sleptsov, together with a group of outstanding Ukrainian directors, animators and the most qualified experts in the field of animation manufacture.

Firstly, the Ukrainian — American studio " REF-Borisfen " was founded in 1991, where the animation for " Peter Pen " series (Fox Television) was produced, as well as other animation series for the American TV-channels.

The Ukrainian — French animation company "Borisfen-Lutece" was founded on art basis of "Borisfen-S" in 1994, and became one of the largest manufacturers of animation (about 150 minutes per one month) in the world.

Since 1995, the studio " Borisfen-S " worked on various projects in different areas of cinematography.

The studio arranged manufacture of own animation projects and short films, carrying out orders of various European TV-channels. Among them are " DIG Squad" series (13 episodes x 26 minutes), " Movie Dog " series (52 episodes x 5 minutes), and also author's films: "Clinic", " 9½ Minutes", "The Last Wife of The Blue Beard " etc.

Our international awards

Our works were awarded at international festivals for professionalism, idea, originality. We are glad to offer some examples of our production:
  •  Clinic

    Script and Director A. Bubnov.
    Diplomas at Annecy International Animation Film Festival, International Animation Festival in Hiroshima, London International Animation Festival.

  •  9½ minutes

    Script and Director S. Kushnerov.
    Diplomas at international festivals in Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand, Montreal, and Stuttgart.

  •  e.t.c.

    Director O. Kovalenko.
    Diploma at the international animation festival "KROK".

  •  The Last Wife Of The Blue Beard

    Script and director A. Bubnov.
    The cartoon was awarded with the Grand-prix of the International festival in Montreal and with the special Prize for humor in Zagreb.

  • Professional staff at your service

    Victor Sleptsov, producer and general director of "Borisfen-S", is involved in animation business since 1978.

    The staff of studio comprises over 120 persons including 38 animators, 5 directors, 50 artists of "clean up" and "in between", administrative and technical workers. The highly skilled staff of the company operates with modern animation technologies, including adaptation to DVD-disks, 3D-animation, and also computer special effects. So, any client's idea can be implemented.

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